How To Write Lead Melodies - The Unspoken Trick

music theory Jan 28, 2020

So ... you've checked all the boxes of what your lead melody SHOULD do. But it still doesn't work. Why not?

After all, there's TONS of great lead melody tips online -- like using:

  • conjunct/disjunct motion
  • call/response phrasings
  • repetition/surprise

And more...

But there's ONE trick that rarely sees the light of day.

And (in my opinion) it's the most practical, most useful, and arguably the most important trick for writing lead melodies...

So what's the unspoken "trick" to lead melodies...?


Let me explain...

We don't experience melodies in ISOLATION. We experience them in CONTEXT -- with all the other arrangement elements.

And in great arrangements, all the sounds INTERACT in a mindful, deliberate, and intentional way.

So, when we write lead melodies, we need to take context and interaction into account -- from the start!

Common sense, right?

Let's go back to the very first sentence of this post:

"You've checked all the boxes of what your lead melody SHOULD do. But it...

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