Here's the BIGGEST "problem" many of my students run into after taking one of my courses...


The most common feedback I get from my students after they purchase one of my courses is...

"I love this course! I'm finishing tracks faster and finally getting that pro sound! And now, I'm wondering if you offer feedback or private lessons?

I'll be honest...

Giving feedback is one of my FAVORITE things to do!

I love talking about production and mixing.

I love finding simple ways to get a track up to the pro level — ready to sign!

But, naturally, this is an impossible task.

There simply aren't enough hours in the day to give every single track the attention it deserves.

And how should I decide who gets my personal attention and who doesn't?

How will I know if you are even serious about implementing the stuff we talk about?

Well, I came up with a solution.



ZERMELO Inner Circle

A Community For House Producers To Take Their Sound & Skills To The Next Level Together!


This is a community for you to bounce ideas with other house music producers...

Get ongoing production and mixing training...

And get feedback on your track by me (Mike / ZERMELO) personally!


Here's What You Get When You Join Today...

Start To Finish: Tech House

Let's build TWO tracks together from scratch — from initial idea to polished master! You'll discover my 5-step streamlined process for quickly cranking out label-ready tracks every time.

Plus, I'll reveal my "secret" production techniques — for drums, bass, vocals, sound design, arrangement, mixing, and mastering — to help you easily finish unforgettable tracks that go off in the club!

ZERMELO Mixing Course

This is truly a one-of-a-kind mixing course because you can't find what I'll show you anywhere else...

You'll discover brand new techniques — like Guillotine Mixing, BDM Framework, HPLP Referencing, and many more — that are 100% guaranteed to get your mixes to sound as LOUD and clean as the pros.

All the techniques are easy to understand and implement. So you'll be able to quickly knock-out pro-sounding mixes without breaking a sweat.

Secrets Of The Groove

In Tech House, groove is king! Get the groove wrong and you'll clear the dance floor. Get the groove right and you'll ROCK the dance floor!

That's why in "Secrets Of The Groove" I'll reveal the SIX essential secrets for getting drums that slam and bass that dominates the club.

Plus, you'll get two never-before-released bonuses: (1) Bass Masterclass and (2) Kick Drum Mastery.

Tech House Template Bundle

Get 11 industry-standard Tech House Ableton templates and discover exactly what goes into making a pro track: every sound, every plugin, every automation — EVERYTHING. Right at your fingertips.

Look at the mix and arrangement to see exactly what your tracks are missing. Save the best samples, presets, and plugin chains to beef up your current projects. And use the templates to kickstart your next track!

Advanced Analysis

This is the #1 skill. Analyzing tracks (and applying what I learned) is the ONE THING that helped me accelerate to a pro sound. In fact, everything I know (and teach) comes from analyzing pro track in 3 special ways.

And in "Advanced Analysis" I'll show you exactly HOW I break down tracks — so you can unlock the production secrets of your favorite producers, clearly see what's holding your music back, and finally become a top-tier producer in no time!

Access To 1-1 Lessons

I don't offer private lessons to the public. This is an exclusive opportunity only available to members of the ZERMELO Inner Circle -- for an additional fee.

Unlimited Feedback On Your Music

Get detailed, actionable feedback on your music from me (ZERMELO) whenever you want!

Discover exactly what you're doing right and where you can improve. Plus, to supplement my feedback, I'll share specific videos inside the exclusive courses to help you iron out the details and rapidly improve your sound.

Founding Member Pricing For A VERY Limited Time

This bundle has a total annual value of $2,962.

But you can get started today as a Founding Member for just a fraction of that price!

But don't wait! This intro pricing is only for early birds -- ready to take action now.

The price of the membership will start going up as early as next month.

It's your choice...