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 #1  Monthly Personalized Feedback (From Me) On Your Music

Retail: $100.00 Per Feedback

Post your tracks in the community, and I'll personally give you super in-depth feedback focused on the mix, arrangement, how your track compares to your references (if included), and how to prep your track for your intended label/DJ (if included).

"the feedback that mike left was crazy, i am still bugging over the knowledge he dropped. it would have taken me a life to figure that out. this is helping so much I feel like I have made so much progress in so little time." - Louis Rumley


 #2  Exclusive Access To The Most Supportive Production Community

Retail: $47 Per Month

When you join Loop To Label (Lite) today, you get instant access to our private community!

Inside, you'll find the most supportive, motivated and focused producers ready to answer all your questions, keep you accountable and offer insightful feedback on your music...

So you can make the best music of your life and start scoring releases on your dream labels.

After being a part of several online communities, I was turned-off by all the distractions.

So I designed the Loop To Label Community around the 5 Core Actions that guarantee success as a producer:

  1. Learn techniques
  2. Ask questions
  3. Finish tracks
  4. Get feedback
  5. Send demos

Rinse and repeat.

That's all there is to it!

And we'll be with you every step of the way, through every "cycle" of this process.

Hands down, being surrounded by a community of like-minded producers all working toward the same goal is the fastest way for you — and everyone inside — to actually crush their goals with music...

From finishing your first track... To getting signed for the first time... To signing with your dream labels... To breaking into the charts... And beyond!

As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats...

So we can't wait to help and support you on your journey to the top!


 #3  Exclusive Access To The Powerful C4 Production System (Beta)

Retail: $997.00 (only available in L2L)

Discover the 4 core skills you need to pump out massive tracks primed for your target labels — on a regular basis. These techniques are unlike anything you've ever seen, and they're by far the most powerful production techniques I've ever used.

IMPORTANT: I'm still building out the full program. But lessons are currently rolling out now, and you get exclusive early access as a L2L member.


 #4  ZERMELO's Legacy Production & Mixing Courses

Retail: $891.00 (each course is $297)

Tech House Start To Finish

We'll build two tech house tracks completely from scratch. And I'll show you how simple it is to quickly crank out professional quality tracks when you have a proven production system to follow. This course has literally kickstarted careers of several top producers.

"The difference between my tracks before his course and after his course is insane." - Brad King

Guillotine Mixing Course

Discover the only mixing system that 100% guarantees your mixes will sound as good as the pros — or even better! It's all thanks to my unique "guillotine" approach which completely eliminates the guesswork, and instead delivers massive, club-dominating mixes every time.

"Instantly better mixes I have to say, nice one Mike! :)" - Pete Reddish

Pro Track Breakdowns

We breakdown top tracks on the charts, extract their secrets and uncover the patterns that make them so unique, special and successful.

Breakdowns include: FISHER, John Summit, ACRAZE, Chris Lake, James Hype, Joel Corry, Dennis Cruz, Patrick Topping, and more...

"I have like 50 releases out there and some of these stuff I didn't know to even exist. Thanks 4 the knowledge buddy :)" - Fred Dekker


 #5  FREE Resources: My Personal Project Files & Samples Packs

Retail: $416.00

Along with an entire community, you get an ever-growing list of FREE resources.

To start, you're going to get my personal library of samples.

I say it all the time: "the better your sounds, the better your sound."

So I've got you covered here. You'll have all the building blocks you need to make the highest quality tracks from the very first sound.

You'll also get 12 industry-standard Ableton templates. Look inside, and you'll see exactly how to make top tracks.

  • Discover game-changing arrangement and mixing insights you can't find anywhere else.
  • "Steal" entire channels, groups and mixing racks for lightning fast, drag-and-drop production.
  • Use the templates to kickstart ideas, and finish tracks faster without having to start from scratch.

Since this is my personal library, I update it often. That means you'll always have the most up-to-date sounds and templates.

All these industry-standard resources are completely yours — for FREE — as a BONUS for joining the ultimate production community, Loop To Label (Lite) today.


Get Instant Access When You Join Loop To Label Today!

  • Unlimited Feedback - (normally $100.00 per feedback) 
  • Supportive Community - (normally $29.00 per month)
  • Exclusive Access To C4 - (normally $997.00)
  • Tech House Start To Finish - (normally $297.00)
  • Guillotine Mixing - (normally $297.00)
  • Pro Track Breakdowns - (normally $297.00)
  • My Personal Project Files & Samples (normally $416.00)
  • 24 Hour Support & Accountability
  • Free Access To All Course Updates

Total Value = $3,771.00

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  • Step-by-step courses to help you finish label-ready tracks.
  • Personalized coaching to perfect your sound and skills.
  • Supportive community to keep you motivated and on track.

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  • Step-by-step courses to help you finish label-ready tracks.
  • Personalized coaching to perfect your sound and skills.
  • Supportive community to keep you motivated and on track.

30 day money back guarantee.
Cancel any time.


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