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A Proven Track Record

My students and producers I've worked with have scored releases on every top label in the industry... Including Repopulate Mars, Defected, Toolroom, and more...

I've Helped Aspiring Producers Get Signed For The First Time...

TOMc signed with a top label for the first time

"i finally made it into a TOP LABEL thanks to your advices i've been working super hard to be able to share my upcoming single release on WyldCard Records called 'Play Low', and also my first EP called 'Jacks Beat' releasing on DropLow Records" — TOMc

Benjermain signed with his dream label

"The track I made directly after watching the course was my favourite track to date and I've signed it to my favourite label: Kulture Records." — Benjermain

Shellz broke into the Beatport charts

"I wanted to say thank you for your help over the past months with giving feedback on my tracks. I just had my 2 track EP released and it just made the Tech House Top 100 Releases!! I wanted to say thank you so much!!" — Shellz

I've Also Helped Advanced Producers Sign With Top Labels And Break Into The Charts...

Black Book, South Of Saturn, Atlantic, Glasgow...

"...It was a crazy year already with releases on south of saturn, trick, jacky & friends, cr2, atlantic records, glasgow underground.

Now I have a release on spinnin deep and on solid grooves raw still this year.

You can't imagine the influence of your courses on my productions. I did a lot of experimentation of course over the last 10 years and I do have some creative ideas, but it is because of your technical skills that I could level it up. I also think that I wouldn't be able to make these tracks when I was 10 yrs younger..."

Catch & Release (FISHER's label)...

 " long story short, I went back to your guillotine style technique now for my tracks

facts are

that the last 2 songs that I finished guillotine style are "-------" (coming out on fisher's label) and "-------" (also fisher's label)
and the tracks after these didn't get signed (traditional style mixed)..."

This Track Went To #1 On Beatport...

"...It's because of a lot of lessons I took from you. In my opinion you are the best music producer.

Thanks again for all your help. You can't imagine what impact this has had on my knowledge and skills.
The creativity and will came from me, I only had basic knowledge from youtube videos from previous years and with trial and error. You taught me how to focus , structure and make things exactly as I want them to sound..."

You Can Do This Too. Anyone Can.

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The Problem

What's Holding You Back?

There Are Two Hurdles Getting In Your Way

If you're not getting signed, or not feeling proud of your music, it's not your fault. There are two hurdles holding most producers back. Failing to get over these hurdles means feeling lost, stuck and frustrated by a lack of progress. Unfortunately, this leads most producers to give up and quit.

But the good news is, getting over these hurdles is super simple. And on the other side, you'll feel confident in your music, and you'll be banging out tracks that get played by top DJs and signed by your target labels. Now, let's break down these two hurdles...

#1 - The Technical Hurdle

This is where the labels reject tracks because they are "not ready" or "don't sound pro." What this really means is, there is something creatively or technically wrong with the track — and bottom line, the track won't work in the club. The #1 thing to remember here is this: if DJs won't play it, labels won't sign it. So the key here is making sure your tracks are technically sound so they explode on the dance floor. (We'll look at how to do this below.)

#2 - The Alignment Hurdle

This is where labels reject tracks because they are "not the right stylistic fit." This can be extremely frustrating because that seems so subjective and vague — like what does that even mean?? But the key here is cracking the code on the label. And finding the sweet spot overlap between what works for you AND the label. (Again, we'll look at how to do this below.)

The Solution

The 3 Phases Of Loop To Label

Phase 1 - Studio Ready

You Need Accuracy

In Phase 1, we'll get your studio set up correctly. It's insane how quickly producers can progress when their set up is dialed in. I mean years down to weeks. Truth is, all you need is a laptop, Ableton, and some headphones. But inside that simple setup, you need accuracy. An "accurate" set up gives you full technical control and total creative freedom to make the music you want. So think of Phase 1 like this: I'll help you set up your launch pad correctly, so instead of the rocket blowing up in an epic failure, you can launch into the stratosphere. (Cheesy, but true.)

Phase 2 - Club Ready

The Four Critical Skills 

Phase 2 is where the fun and games really begin. This phase is the real reason you're reading this page. And this phase is where we'll directly attack and overcome the Technical Hurdle so you can become a true production master. We'll help you develop the Four Critical Skills  groove, hooks, arrangement, mixing/mastering — and make sure your tracks are technically sound, so they explode in the club and light up the dance floor. All the while, you'll be ripping out tracks, scoring top DJ support, and securing label releases along the way.

Phase 3 - Label Ready

Get Aligned, Get Signed

In Phase 3, you're ready to fine-tune in the direction of your target labels. Think of Phase 2 as building a sniper rifle. In Phase 3, we're going to take aim and pull the trigger. Even for advanced producers, it can be hard to hear the subtle differences between your sound and the label's sound. So in Phase 3, we'll find the sweet spot overlap between your sound and the label — using a process I call Label Alchemy. So you can blast through the Alignment Hurdle, and finally align and sign with your dream labels. In fact, the entire Loop To Label process ultimately boils down to this one thing: get aligned, get signed.

Here's What You Can Expect Once You're Inside...

  • 🎥 First Principles Content — In the days of nearly infinite information, I firmly believe that less is more. So the L2L video content is completely based on first principles. No fluff. No filler. Only and exactly what works. So you can spend less time consuming, and more time producing.
  • 🎯 Personalized Feedback Videos can't listen to your music. That's why there is a ceiling with how far you can get on YouTube or online courses. (Which is probably why you're reading this now.) To truly break through and reach the highest levels, you need specific production advice tailored to YOU — your sound,  your skills, your struggles, your goals, your target labels.
  • 😎 Direct Access — Get direct and unfettered access to me as your personal production mentor. Reach out any time. Hop on calls with me. Send me your projects. Let's work together to help you get where you want to go. I'm here to help you. That's what this is all about.
  • 🛠️ Exclusive Resources — Get unlimited access to my personal production arsenal of samples, presets, templates, Ableton racks, checklists, cheats sheets, and everything you need to produce club-ready, label-ready tracks with ease.
  • 💪 Supportive Community — Immerse yourself in our tight-knit community full of dedicated and like-minded producers. Hang out, share secrets, collaborate, grow together, and have fun.

Let's Get You Started... 

I'd love to connect with you and see how I can help. Click the button below to book a call. After you enter your name and email, you'll be taken to a calendar where you can pick a time that works best for you to speak with me about your music and goals.



Maybe you've watched one of my YouTube vids, downloaded one of my sample packs or templates, or listened to my music.

My music has been supported by top DJs like John Summit, Vintage Culture, Piero Pirupa, and more. I've broken into the Beatport tech house charts with "Digging In The Crates" (Wyldcard). And even scored a top 10 electro house track with "Get Down" (Digital Empire).

Since 2017, I've helped over 1,000 producers. My students have seen incredible results, including signing their first track, releasing on dream labels, breaking into the Beatport charts, scoring a #1, and launching successful careers.

My mission is to help you sign with your dream label and kickstart your career. I've seen it happen many times, so there's no doubt you could be next.

What Other Producers Are Saying...

📣 What other producers are saying...


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I'd love to connect with you and see how I can help. Click the button below to book a call. After you enter your name and email, you'll be taken to a calendar where you can pick a time that works best for you to speak with me about your music and goals.