Loop To Label Mentorship

Hey, Mike here...

If you're a Tech House producer using Ableton Live and you want to...

  • Feel proud of your music, and feel confident in your skills
  • Inspire people with your music and light up the dance floor
  • Play your tracks in your sets (the same day), or get other DJs to play your music
  • Finish release-ready tracks with a streamlined workflow
  • Sign with specific labels, or go after bigger labels

Then we'd be a great fit to work together.

For the past 7 years, I've helped producers across the board — beginners to advanced. From getting signed for the first time, to signing with tops labels (Repop, Toolroom, Defected, more), to scoring #1 hits on Beatport.

The big secret?

We start by understanding that music is an experience. And when you know how to "engineer" that experience, then (1) your music will go off in the club, (2) DJs will want to play your tracks, and (3) labels will want to sign your tracks.

There are two pieces I help you with to make this happen:

#1 - First, we make sure your tracks are ready to crush the dance floor. This involves building your technical skill through what I call the Four Boxes.

#2 - Second, we make sure your tracks "align" with your target labels. This involves finding the sweet spot overlap between what works for your sound and the label's sound using a process that I call Label Alchemy.

If you want to learn more about the process and working together, then watch this quick video:

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Michael Pitluk
Loop To Label