$500.00 USD

Private Lessons - 2 hours

Who are these lessons for?

Intermediate to advanced tech house producers using Ableton Live.

What can I help you with?

1. Build out your skill set, develop your sound, point out the missing pieces you can't see/hear right now, overcome the technical hurdles holding you back, fill the gaps to a professional sound. Help you build confidence in yourself as a producer so you can feel proud of the music you make.

If you're a DJ, I'll help you get to a point where you can not only play tracks in your sets, but even be able to test your ideas out the same day. 

2. If you want to go after a specific target sound, I can help you reverse engineer the target's sound, and break down exactly what you need to do to get there. If your goal is a label, I'll show you how to finish tracks that not only align with your target label, but also stay true to your own sound. That way, you're making music that works for both you and the label.

How does it work?

We'll hop on a 2-hour Zoom call. You can share your screen and we'll start diving into your project. Over the years, I have found that 2 hours is a good chunk of time to make serious progress. Anything less than that is too short.

If you're not ready or not at the level where you need private lessons, then all good. Check out the tech house tutorials on my YouTube channel here: